Chapter Six
Look again at the passage where we learn more about Gatsby’s past
life. Identify the key differences between James Gatz and Jay Gatsby.


Jay Gatsby is introduced as a wealthy man who lives in a mansion by himself and threw parties almost every weekend. But the truth is Jay Gatsby does not really exist. His name is James Gatz. James Gatz was born in North Dakota to a poor German-American family. At the beginning of the book we all imagined Gatsby as old and rich man who came from a wealthy family. When he was in college he worked as a janitor but he did not like that at all so he dropped out of collage. After that happened he met Dan Cody a copper tycoon who becomes his mentor. Since that James goes by the name of Jay Gatsby. Jay learns a lot from Dan. Cody leaves inheritance to Jay Gatsby but his mistress refused to give him that money so she stayed with the $25,000. During his training for World War I he met Daisy who he fell in love with. Jay Gatsby commits his life to become rich and famous for Daisy.


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