What is religion?

Religion is an organized collection of beliefs and cultural systems.People can be part of a religion or a cult. It all depends on their beliefs. A cult is a group of people who share an ideological system. Usually, cults like to manipulate others to make them loyal. Cults may cause psychological problems on some people because they can get temporal lobe epilepsy, caused by an overload of information for the brain to process. After being in a cult they find themselves seeking for help. People get fatigued from all the activities and responsibilities of being part of a cult.

At first, scientology was not a religion and still today it is considered a cult. Scientology was considered a religion in 1951. Scientology is a training to be able to reach self-awareness. Scientology has no god they pray to or worship so some people still don’t consider it a religion. I think anyone who is part of a religion are the ones who should decide what is or is not a religion.


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