What does the term muckraker mean and why was Upton Sinclair considered one?

Upton Sinclair, (1878-1968), was an American writer and reformer. Sinclair was an idealistic supporter of socialism and became famous as a “muckraker”. The term muckraker according to wikipedia means “to reform-minded journalists who wrote largely for popular magazines and continued a tradition of investigate journalism reporting.” Muckrakers emerged in the United States in 1900 and was influential until World War I. In present day, the term Muckraker mean a journalist who writes in  an alternative tradition, or a non-journalist whose purpose in publication is to advocate reform and change. The investigative journalists view the muckrakers as early influences.

Upton Sinclair hoped to illustrate the horrible effects of capitalism on workers in the Chicago meatpacking industry. The Jungle is about workers sacrificing their fingers and nails by working. The workers died because of diseases, acid, losing limbs, and toiling long hours in cold. They worked in terrible conditions. He hoped the public shout would be so fierce that reforms would soon follow.


James Bulger murder

James Bulger was killed 21 years ago at the age of 2 by two 10 year old boys named Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. They both admitted they killed the toddler on purpose. Even though, they are much older now they are still in huge trouble. Their identities are concealed since that happened. I think their identities shouldn’t be concealed because people should know what they look like and who they are. People like them could do that all over again and people should be aware of that. In my opinion, if they thought killing the toddler made them “older and more mature” they should have treated the murderers that way. Everyone who is capable of killing others is sick. I never thought a 10 year old would be capable of killing.

In the website they posted pictures of the murderers. They are obviously fake because they want their old identities to be protected which I think is ridiculous. They don’t have the same identities so no one knows who they are which is very wrong because kids around them could be in danger.