What does it mean to sin, and who are the novel’s real sinners?

Hester is spared execution only because the “Puritans of Boston” decided it would benefit the community to transform her into a “living sermon against sin”.

A sin may mean differently depending on your religion, point of views, or how severe the committed act is. For example, people lie all the time it can be a small, innocent lie or it can be a huge lie that can harm someone; People may think that is a sin but others don’t.  I believe a lot of people never notice when they sin and if they do they don’t care. People may think they are not sinner and that they are perfect but everyone is a sinner. My definition o f a sin is any act that harms God or anything against the church.

In the Scarlet Letter, everyone is a sinner not only Hester because she committed adultery she changes throughout the book and that makes her a better person. All of the other characters are sinners as well. For example, I think Dimmesdale might be the worst sinners.



Hiding the Truth

Can you think of a situation in which it is acceptable to conceal the truth?

In our opinion, you can hide the truth, but the truth will always come out. This means that no matter what situation you are in, someone or something will always make the truth come out.

Lying can be a form of hiding the truth. It can help you at first, but later the truth will find its way out of all the lies. Or the person hiding the truth will just collapse. Maybe it is something so big and intense that it may cause the person to act a certain way. Or the person can just hide it for the rest of his or her life because it is something that does not matter or something that could harms somebody.

Is Dimmesdale doing right or wrong by hiding the truth?

Dimmesdale is suffering the consequences by hiding the truth. His conscience is suffering more than what Hester really suffered and is suffering.

An example of Dimmesdale’s suffering is the sleepwalking. He is suffering somnambulism. He went up to the scaffold and stood in front of like if he was in front of the whole town. He is also suffering of delusion. He thinks that the whole town is watching him and criticizing him.

Hiding the truth might seem good for you but it can be either harming mentally or it may harm someone.


By Gabriela Siman and Ana Sofia Nasser