Should any of the punishment methods from the Puritan times be used today? Can you find any examples of those types of punishment used around the world?

According to some people, Puritan punishments were made to humiliate above all physical or emotional pain. It was thought to be the most effective. The most common forms of punishments were wearing a letter (just like in “The Scarlet Letter”), the ducking stool, whipping, and execution. In those colonial times, nothing made a magistrate happier than a public confession of guilt and an open expression of remorse.

I personally think this type of punishment should not be used today. I feel they can be too harsh and strange. They are really exaggerated and humiliating. Puritans used to do public whippings which nowadays I believe it is not permitted. Nowadays people really do not care about adultery, kids cursing their parents, and other crimes that were severe in those times. Today the people who commit crimes are sent to jail, some are executed, in some countries people are killed depending on how severe the crime they commit is.

It is hard to find an example of those types on punishment used around the world now. A punishment that nowadays is still used is execution but it is not permitted in every country.



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