Child Labour

I have chosen child labour as my topic because I personally think it is a interesting topic. Everyone can have a different opinion about it some people might think children have to work although others think it is bad for children to work. I think it is really unfair and no kid deserves that. Children might get sick not only physically but mentally, socially or morally. The work can interefere with school and children carry out a wide range of tasks and activities when they work. All of this chuildren are treated as slaves. I hope to learn the worst forms of child labour, all of the effects of child labour and how other people fell about it. I plan on getting all this information on the internet and maybe asking others what they think of this topic. I’m planning on writing this as a newspaper article. I think I will do it an article because it would fit the topic.


“Gatsby shouldered the mattress and started for the pool. Once he stopped and shifted it a little, and the butler asked him if he needed help, but he shook his head and in a moment disappeared among the yellowing trees.” There was no new message. The butler was waiting for the phone to ring but nothing was happening until it was four o’clock and the phone was ringing. The butler answered and rushed to the pool to hand him the phone because he knew it was Daisy calling Gatsby. As he was heading to the pool the butler saw a strange man watching Gatsby in the pool. Gatsby did not even notice the man because he was very distracted thinking about Daisy and everything that happened that night that she killed Myrtle. The butler knew something was wrong and that man was there to make no good for Gatsby. As he hanged up the phone he told Daisy Gatsby was on trouble. So the butler rushed to a room and grabbed a gun. As soon as he found the perfect gun he rushed to the pool and saw a dirty man pointing the gun to Gatsby who seemed distracted and out of it. He was facing the beach. As the butler pointed the dirty man he could not stop him from shooting Gatsby. As he heard the shot he got really nervous and tried shooting the dirty man but he failed and ran away. The man saw the butler running away so he shoot him too. The man did not know what to do. He was scared so he ran away and was never found.

Chapter Six
Look again at the passage where we learn more about Gatsby’s past
life. Identify the key differences between James Gatz and Jay Gatsby.


Jay Gatsby is introduced as a wealthy man who lives in a mansion by himself and threw parties almost every weekend. But the truth is Jay Gatsby does not really exist. His name is James Gatz. James Gatz was born in North Dakota to a poor German-American family. At the beginning of the book we all imagined Gatsby as old and rich man who came from a wealthy family. When he was in college he worked as a janitor but he did not like that at all so he dropped out of collage. After that happened he met Dan Cody a copper tycoon who becomes his mentor. Since that James goes by the name of Jay Gatsby. Jay learns a lot from Dan. Cody leaves inheritance to Jay Gatsby but his mistress refused to give him that money so she stayed with the $25,000. During his training for World War I he met Daisy who he fell in love with. Jay Gatsby commits his life to become rich and famous for Daisy.

What is religion?

Religion is an organized collection of beliefs and cultural systems.People can be part of a religion or a cult. It all depends on their beliefs. A cult is a group of people who share an ideological system. Usually, cults like to manipulate others to make them loyal. Cults may cause psychological problems on some people because they can get temporal lobe epilepsy, caused by an overload of information for the brain to process. After being in a cult they find themselves seeking for help. People get fatigued from all the activities and responsibilities of being part of a cult.

At first, scientology was not a religion and still today it is considered a cult. Scientology was considered a religion in 1951. Scientology is a training to be able to reach self-awareness. Scientology has no god they pray to or worship so some people still don’t consider it a religion. I think anyone who is part of a religion are the ones who should decide what is or is not a religion.

What does the term muckraker mean and why was Upton Sinclair considered one?

Upton Sinclair, (1878-1968), was an American writer and reformer. Sinclair was an idealistic supporter of socialism and became famous as a “muckraker”. The term muckraker according to wikipedia means “to reform-minded journalists who wrote largely for popular magazines and continued a tradition of investigate journalism reporting.” Muckrakers emerged in the United States in 1900 and was influential until World War I. In present day, the term Muckraker mean a journalist who writes in  an alternative tradition, or a non-journalist whose purpose in publication is to advocate reform and change. The investigative journalists view the muckrakers as early influences.

Upton Sinclair hoped to illustrate the horrible effects of capitalism on workers in the Chicago meatpacking industry. The Jungle is about workers sacrificing their fingers and nails by working. The workers died because of diseases, acid, losing limbs, and toiling long hours in cold. They worked in terrible conditions. He hoped the public shout would be so fierce that reforms would soon follow.

James Bulger murder

James Bulger was killed 21 years ago at the age of 2 by two 10 year old boys named Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. They both admitted they killed the toddler on purpose. Even though, they are much older now they are still in huge trouble. Their identities are concealed since that happened. I think their identities shouldn’t be concealed because people should know what they look like and who they are. People like them could do that all over again and people should be aware of that. In my opinion, if they thought killing the toddler made them “older and more mature” they should have treated the murderers that way. Everyone who is capable of killing others is sick. I never thought a 10 year old would be capable of killing.

In the website they posted pictures of the murderers. They are obviously fake because they want their old identities to be protected which I think is ridiculous. They don’t have the same identities so no one knows who they are which is very wrong because kids around them could be in danger.

What does it mean to sin, and who are the novel’s real sinners?

Hester is spared execution only because the “Puritans of Boston” decided it would benefit the community to transform her into a “living sermon against sin”.

A sin may mean differently depending on your religion, point of views, or how severe the committed act is. For example, people lie all the time it can be a small, innocent lie or it can be a huge lie that can harm someone; People may think that is a sin but others don’t.  I believe a lot of people never notice when they sin and if they do they don’t care. People may think they are not sinner and that they are perfect but everyone is a sinner. My definition o f a sin is any act that harms God or anything against the church.

In the Scarlet Letter, everyone is a sinner not only Hester because she committed adultery she changes throughout the book and that makes her a better person. All of the other characters are sinners as well. For example, I think Dimmesdale might be the worst sinners.


Hiding the Truth

Can you think of a situation in which it is acceptable to conceal the truth?

In our opinion, you can hide the truth, but the truth will always come out. This means that no matter what situation you are in, someone or something will always make the truth come out.

Lying can be a form of hiding the truth. It can help you at first, but later the truth will find its way out of all the lies. Or the person hiding the truth will just collapse. Maybe it is something so big and intense that it may cause the person to act a certain way. Or the person can just hide it for the rest of his or her life because it is something that does not matter or something that could harms somebody.

Is Dimmesdale doing right or wrong by hiding the truth?

Dimmesdale is suffering the consequences by hiding the truth. His conscience is suffering more than what Hester really suffered and is suffering.

An example of Dimmesdale’s suffering is the sleepwalking. He is suffering somnambulism. He went up to the scaffold and stood in front of like if he was in front of the whole town. He is also suffering of delusion. He thinks that the whole town is watching him and criticizing him.

Hiding the truth might seem good for you but it can be either harming mentally or it may harm someone.


By Gabriela Siman and Ana Sofia Nasser



Should any of the punishment methods from the Puritan times be used today? Can you find any examples of those types of punishment used around the world?

According to some people, Puritan punishments were made to humiliate above all physical or emotional pain. It was thought to be the most effective. The most common forms of punishments were wearing a letter (just like in “The Scarlet Letter”), the ducking stool, whipping, and execution. In those colonial times, nothing made a magistrate happier than a public confession of guilt and an open expression of remorse.

I personally think this type of punishment should not be used today. I feel they can be too harsh and strange. They are really exaggerated and humiliating. Puritans used to do public whippings which nowadays I believe it is not permitted. Nowadays people really do not care about adultery, kids cursing their parents, and other crimes that were severe in those times. Today the people who commit crimes are sent to jail, some are executed, in some countries people are killed depending on how severe the crime they commit is.

It is hard to find an example of those types on punishment used around the world now. A punishment that nowadays is still used is execution but it is not permitted in every country.


Why did I chose that scene

In our Scarlet Letter comic we chose those scenes because we thought it would be right to start from the beginning of the story. We have four different scenes throughout the comic. At the beginning we did the outside of the prison of the rose bush. The second shows Hester standing on the scaffold in front of the whole town. In the third Chillingworth is telling Hester not to say anything and finally in the last one Chillingworth is giving medicine to Hester and the baby. We chose the scenes in beginning we thought were really important.